Madrassah Teacher Training Course

This programme is for Brothers and Sisters

About the Course 

  • This course will enable you to help gain the knowledge and confidence in teaching children from the practices and advise of our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh

Learning Outcomes:

• Gain knowledge about the effective teaching methods
• Have gained confidence in dealing with children Islamically
• Learnt about your own anger management
• Look at your own strengths and weaknesses
• Learn about the effective ways of managing behaviour
• Look at positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement Techniques
• Explore the Prophet’s pbuh teaching methods
• Learn about what is safeguarding and its implications
• Learn that children learn in different ways
• Learn and share examples of good practice with others in the group
• What is ADHD in Children and what disciplinary strategies to use

Who is this course for?

Teachers and Maddressah Teachers
Imams, Scholars who engage with children or the youth
Anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge and skills in this field


Kaushar Tai 

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