Introduction to Islam & the Muslim Culture Course

Cultural Competency Training

About the Course 

With the increasing number of terrorist attacks associated with Islam across the globe, the constant negative portrayal of Islam in the Media, isn’t it time to learn more about Islam and Muslims from authentic sources? Here is the opportunity!

Learning Outcomes:

• A better understanding of the basic beliefs & practices,
• History of Islam
• Confidence in understanding what is Islam and what is not,
• Are the actions of ISIS, Boko Haram, the Berlin and Paris Attacks, Islamic?
• The meaning of Sharia Law? Understanding about the status of women in Islam
• The true meaning of Jihad? What actually happens inside a Mosque?


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wishes to learn about Islam

  • Public, Private & Voluntary Sector Workers, including police, Social Workers, Teachers; counter terrorism officer, NHS staff; Mental Health Workers etc.

  • Those who wish to improve their cultural competency training Foster Carers and those working with Muslim Refugees


Kaushar Tai 

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